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Welcome to the Sanctuary!

Sanctuary Rules

While visiting the Sanctuary, please be mindful that the wolfdogs are very sensitive and shy animals. Please do not whistle, howl, call, run, or otherwise try to get the wolfdogs' attention. Some of the wolfdogs may be more than happen to show themselves off, while other may prefer to stay a bit more hidden. Please remember you are visiting a sanctuary, not a zoo.

How it all began

Curious to know more about how the Sanctuary came to be what it is today? At the age of 19, Georgina adopted a high content wolfdog as a pet, naming her Kuna. Little did she know Kuna would change her life forever.

Between Dog and Wolf is a mini-documentary that truly gives you a glimpse into how and why the Sanctuary got started. If you want to know more about Georgina's journey with Kuna and the huge impact she has had on her we highly recommend giving this a watch!

Wild Enrichment Saturdays

Our Wild Enrichment Saturdays will happen on the first Saturday of the month at 1 pm! This is a unique opportunity to see the wolfdogs enjoying some more novel types of enrichment that they don't experience on a daily basis. A full schedule for 2023 of what each Wild Enrichment Saturday will look like can be found on our News page. While we do intend to stick to this schedule, they are subject to change.

Wild enrichment schedule