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Self Guided sanctuary walk

Enjoy a scenic and peaceful walk through the Sanctuary pathways at your own pace all while learning interesting facts about wolfdogs and wolves through the various informative signage. Join us for our Wolfdog Wisdom sessions for an opportunity to speak to one of our wolfdog experts and see the wolfdogs in action!

What to Expect:

  • Walk the sanctuary grounds at your own pace and learn all about Wolfdogs with our Interpretive signage.
  • Take in a Wolfdog Wisdom session, included with your admission.
  • Make your way around all the enclosures to see the different Wolfdogs that call Yamnuska home.
  • We're open year round so be sure to dress for the weather.
  • Remember to review our Sanctuary Rules.

What our visitors have to say

This was one of the most informative, awe inspiring, humbling experiences of my life. The amazing animals & the passion of our guide Angie was fabulous. Not only will I go back again, highly recommend for all dog lovers.

I was extremely impressed at how they want to do as much as possible to educate the public about the plight of these wolfdogs. Thank goodness there is a place like this to help them. I am planning on returning yearly if not more often.

This was by far one of my favorite activities to do when I was on vacation in Banff.
The staff was knowledgeable, friendly and really impressed. The entire experience exceeded my expectations.

Absolutely amazing, certainly a hidden Alberta gem. We participated in an interactive tour where Angie shared her stories and knowledge of working with the wolfdogs. It was great, we got to feed them treats. Nova performed tricks. Loki welcomed us into the enclosure, eventually shaking my hand.

Can't even explain how amazing this experience was. The staff were so kind and knowledgeable. The wolfdogs were so beautiful and friendly to meet. Gift shop is a must if you want to support this non profit place.

The wolfdogs were majestic animals and it was amazing to have them eat treats out of our hands. We even got to participate in a wolfdog howl. So much fun, so interesting and really enjoyed the beautiful animals!

The Sanctuary rules 

You are visiting a sanctuary, not a zoo, and our top priority is to protect the wellbeing of our wolfdogs. Many of our rescued wolfdogs have had negative experiences with humans prior to arriving at the Sanctuary and therefore can be quite fearful of certain smells, sounds, and objects.

The wolfdogs are much more sensitive than regular dogs and therefore the following rules must be followed to ensure your visit to the Sanctuary does not disrupt the wolfdogs.

No Dogs permitted

No dogs are permitted on the Sanctuary grounds at any time. This includes service dogs and dogs in the parking lot. The wolfdogs are extremely sensitive to other canids, therefore bringing your dog (even in your car) is extremely disruptive to the animals living at the Sanctuary. If we see a dog in your vehicle we will immediately call Cochrane Animal Control to have the dog removed.

No smoking permitted

No smoking is permitted on the Sanctuary grounds (including the parking lot). This poses a major fire risk to the Sanctuary as well as also being very irritating for the wolfdogs sensitive olfactory senses.


Children are not allowed to run, wander, or behave loudly on the Sanctuary grounds. In order to ensure a stress-free environment for the wolfdogs, children must be monitored at all times and kept close by. Any parent or child not respecting our policies will be asked to leave immediately. Check Tour Descriptions for age requirements.

Dress Code

Tours run in all weather conditions; rain or shine, -30C or +30C. Please ensure that you dress for the weather as you will be outside for the duration of the tour, and wear appropriate footwear as this is a walking tour. On cold winter days, we highly recommend snow pants, gloves, a toque and a warm coat! We kindly ask you don't wear any fur products.

Umbrellas are not permitted on the Interactive Tour or Intro Tour, however, these tours do have shelters. While walking the general admission pathways on the Sanctuary Walk umbrellas are welcome.

Should you have any questions about the dress code, please feel free to contact us!

General Behaviour

Loud or unruly behaviour towards the wolfdogs will not be tolerated. Visitors must not whistle, call or otherwise heckle the wolfdogs. Visitors must be respectful of the wolfdogs and the facility at all times (i.e. do not throw things into the enclosures, do not climb over fences, do not go through restricted areas). Anyone found not respecting our policies will be asked to leave immediately.


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