How you can help wolfdogs


It takes a village

As a non-profit organization, our survival depends on the generous donors of the public who connect with our cause. To keep the Sanctuary fully operational, our wolfdogs well fed, their well being optimized, support surrenders and push educational initiatives – it takes a small village! We are extremely grateful for any support you are able to offer, below are ways that you can help:

Donation options

Every donation helps improve the lives of our current wolfdogs and helps us to end the cycle of neglected, abandoned and displaced wolfdogs. Please explore the various donation options that resonate with you.

Annual Memberships
Wolfdog Sponsorships
One-Time or Monthly Donations
Monetary or Material Goods Donation

Kuna Kummunity is our donor program, named in honour of our first wolfdog, Kuna. It is comprised of dedicated givers, from all around the world, that show how passion and perseverance can save a wild heart. Once you become a monthly donor, you automatically gain access to this exclusive program.

The ongoing financial contributions from our monthly donors ensure that we are able to plan ahead for major projects, continue our rescue efforts, expand on our public educational programs, provide our resident wolfdogs with the optimal quality of life, and have the best staff possible taking care of them.

Every donation helps feed, care for, transport, and rehome an adoptable wolfdog. It can also give a high-content wolfdog a permanent home at our Sanctuary. Your one-time donation can help directly impact the life of a wolfdog in an immediate, measurable way.

how to purchase:

Donation payment options are: 

  • Online: Follow button below
  • E-transfer: Please send to 
  • Cheque: Please send to PO Box 1377, Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1B3

Canadian donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt

There are many other ways that you can help our wolfdogs besides making monetary donations. Please check the links below to see what we are in need of or view our Amazon Wishlist!

Make a meaningful impact with your cryptocurrency. Your one-time donation can help directly impact the life of a wolfdog in an immediate, measurable way. Similar to non-crypto donations, you'll receive a charitable tax receipt.

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary has joined SkipTheDepot and we hope to be your charity of choice! It is simple, you can donate your recycling to Yamnuska from the comfort of your own home. But how does it work you may ask?

When you have recyclables ready to pick up:

  • Click the referral link posted on Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary's page or through the following link here
  • Register for, or log in to, your SkipTheDepot account
  • Enter your address, date, and expected number of bags for your pickup. Place your bags outside, sit back, and relax!
  • Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary will issue you a tax receipt for your donation

And best of all is that 100% of the proceeds from your donation go to Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary!

These donations will go a long way in being a steady stream of funds that will support the care of the animals, ensure our capacity to grow, and offer more resources and education regarding wolfdogs and wolves to our community!

Ps. Did you know that your company and workplace can also donate their bottles to the Sanctuary too!

Thank you very much for choosing us as your charity of choice when recycling with SkipTheDepot!

Intern at Yamnuska

Help support our pack with your time

Our Internship Program is currently on hold until further notice. At this time there are no Internship positions available.

We look for passionate, ambitious individuals throughout the year to join our team here at the Sanctuary and fulfill a key role in the support and management of our organization. Internships are offered throughout the year. Each internship lasts a minimum of 3 months with a commitment of at least 2 days per week. In that time we train you in both animal care, Sanctuary maintenance, and visitor program facilitation. 

Download intern application package

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