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Wild Enrichment Saturdays!
Yamnuska Wolfdog walking in the sanctuary enclosure in alberta canada.
January 27, 2022

Wild Enrichment Saturdays!

Join us the first Saturday of each month for some Wild Enrichment!

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A high-content wolfdog from the yamnuska wolfdog sanctuary in cochrane, alberta
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Wild Enrichment Saturdays! 

Our Wild Enrichment Saturdays is a brand new offering that will also be included with your visit. These sessions will happen on the first Saturday of the month at 1 pm! This is a unique opportunity to see the wolfdogs enjoying some more novel types of enrichment that they don't experience on a daily basis. A full schedule for 2022 of what each Wild Enrichment Saturday will look like can be found below. While we do intend to stick to this schedule, they are subject to change.

Saturday, February 5th - Meet & Howl with Mawko

Mawko is a resident wolfdog here at the Sanctuary. She is an exceptional girl, and unlike most of our wolfdogs, is comfortable to come out on a collar and leash outside of her enclosure. Mawko will be coming out to meet everyone and show off her incredible howl! During this session Mawko will be out on a leash and may even come say hello to you. You'll get to see this girl up close while one of our Wolfdog Experts tells you her story. To wrap it all up, you'll have the opportunity to howl and hear Mawko's and the rest of the wolfdogs howl back! 

Saturday, March 5th - Carcass Feeding

One lucky pack will be enjoying a special meal! We are fortunate to receive various meat donations to help subsidize the cost of food for the wolfdogs. One of the common donations that comes through, depending on the time of year, is hunters off trimmings and bones! Since the wolfdogs are fed daily, we usually breakdown the large portions into to sizes suitable for daily meals. In this case, we will not be breaking it down and the wolfdogs will have a tasty meal that they may munch on for a couple of days! 

Saturday, April 2nd - Birthday Party!

High content wolfdogs are generally born within the months of April and May as they are only able to breed once per year. The Sanctuary is home to mainly mid and high content wolfdogs, so there are a lot of birthdays to celebrate at this time of year. While we do try to spoil all of the wolfdogs during their birthdays, this will be an opportunity to see one of the packs enjoying a birthday party! They will get some presents to unwrap, decorations, and lots of birthdays treats! 

Saturday, May 7th - High Content vs. Low Content Comparison

There are 2 wolfdogs here at the Sanctuary that are comfortable to come out on a collar and leash. One of those wolfdogs is Mawko, a low content wolfdogs, and one is Quinn, a high content wolfdog. Mawko and Quinn will both be coming out on a collar and leash to show themselves off to you all! This is a great opportunity to learn the key difference between wolves and dogs and to see first hand the physical and behavioural differences in these animals.

Saturday, June 4th - Painting with Mawko! 

Mawko is quite the artist and wants to show off her artistic talent to you all! Mawko will be coming out of her enclosure to enjoy some wolfdog painting. You will surely be calling Mawko, Mawkoangelo, by the end of this session. Mawko's masterpieces from the activity will be available to take home via a donation to the Sanctuary! 

Saturday, July 2nd - The Tastes of Canada

Canada is known for many different treats that the wolfdogs certainly aren't very familiar with. We will be introducing the wolfdogs to various Canadian foods such as ketchup chips, poutine, maple syrup, timbits and more! Join us to see what the wolfdogs reactions will be. Will the eat it? Will they roll in it? Will they pee on it? There is only one way to find out! 

Saturday, August 6th - Wolfdog Fishing

In the summer heat, we like to try to help the wolfdogs cool down with this fun activity! The wolfdogs have large tanks of water they can jump in to cool off in the summer. For this activity we will be tossing various frozen fish into the tank for the wolfdogs to "fish" out. Sometimes they will full submerge their heads in order to get their tasty snacks! This is a great oppotunity to watch the wolfdogs problem solving! 

Saturday, September 3rd - Scent Roll Galore

Scent rolling is a very instinctual behaviour for the wolfdogs and something that is quite enjoyable for them. Wolves will scent roll in various smells in order to bring back information to their pack. For the wolfdogs, this is a way for them to investigate these new smells and something that they just can't help themselves. We will be giving one of the packs a variety of different scents in different forms. Some will be hidden for them to sniff out and others will be easier access. They will be receiving a variety of unique smells and we will get to see their reactions to each smell! 

Saturday, October 1st - Howling with Quinn

Our little Quinn may be small but she has a mighty howl! Quinn will be coming out on a collar and leash and we will all be giving our best howling effort in order for her and the other wolfdogs to join in. This is a unique chance to see one of our high content wolfdogs howling right in front of you! 

Saturday, November 5th - Meat Stuffed Pumpkins

Pumpkins may seem like an odd treat for the wolfdogs, but many of them happen to really enjoy it! For this activity, we will be stuffing some pumpkins with meat! The wolfdogs will have to problem solve how to get it out. They may rip the pumpkins to shreds, knock it over, paw at it, eat it etc.

Saturday, December 3rd - Bones tied in Trees

As mentioned above, we are fortunate to receive various meat donations including large bones that can provide excellent enrichment for the wolfdogs. During this activity, we will be tying some large bones in the trees and the wolfdogs will have to problem solve! Sometimes the wolfdogs will pull until it is released from the tree, others will snack on it while it sways back and forth.