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Interested in exploring private visiting options? We'd love to welcome you to the Sanctuary and offer a range of choices to suit your needs! Our goal is to craft a remarkable and unforgettable experience for your group. Below, you'll discover details about our private visiting options.

Private options

If you are looking for a private option specific to your group, we can work with you to find the right fit. We can customize an experience to suit your needs. Private options may by suitable for groups such as:

Corporate Groups
Coach Bus Tours
Client Appreciation Events
Youth/Senior Groups
Proposals and more!

Come experience the wild and majestic nature of wolfdogs through this up-close encounter with our Pack(s). Throughout this tour, you will have the unique opportunity to hear the stories of the packs and get to know their true nature. You'll gain a better understanding of wolf behaviour through the wolfdogs at our Sanctuary and how this behaviour fundamentally differs from that of domestic dogs. This is an immersive experience with our ambassador wolfdogs that welcome you into their space, so be prepared to follow very specific guidelines throughout your tour.

This tour takes you inside our Engadine or Galatea enclosure into a large viewing platform with one of our guides. Enjoy the opportunity to learn all about the Sanctuary and get an introduction to what wolfdogs are all about through our 30-minute presentation. This tour offers a "front row" viewing experience of the wolfdogs and the opportunity to photograph them without visual barriers. You will also have full access to your very own wolfdog expert! Your guide will be tossing out some tasty snacks to the wolfdogs throughout the tour.

Looking to host your own private event at the Sanctuary? Private events can be tailored to your specific needs and can be offered after hours. We will work with you to create an unforgettable experience that also ensures the wolfdogs' comfort is paramount. This may be suitable for large-scale corporate groups, social groups or client appreciation events.

Join the Kuna Kummunity!

Want to support the wolfdogs?

The Kuna Kummunity is our donor program, named in honour of our first wolfdog, Kuna. It is comprised of dedicated givers, from all around the world, that show how passion and perseverance can save a wild heart. Once you become a monthly donor, you automatically gain access to this exclusive program. Learn more about the program at the button below.

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