The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Yamnuska Wolfdog walking in the sanctuary enclosure in alberta canada.


Operations Manager

Alyx has always had a passion for animals. She took a strong interest in dogs, and furthered this passion by taking an apprenticeship program to become a dog trainer after she graduated high school. The apprenticeship program allowed many opportunities for Alyx, such as receiving a position as the lead role of a specialized puppy socialization program. 

Later in 2015, Alyx ventured into her own mobile dog training business. While looking to gain more canine experience, the opportunity arose to join the team at Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary in May of 2015 and Alyx happily accepted a volunteer internship position. After volunteering at the Sanctuary for quite some time, Alyx was offered a full-time position as Sanctuary Manager. Working at the Sanctuary has allowed Alyx to further her knowledge in animal behaviour, which she applies to all animals she gets the opportunity to train and interact with. 

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