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Raffle: Luck of the Irish Wolfdog Horton!
Yamnuska Wolfdog walking in the sanctuary enclosure in alberta canada.
March 1, 2023

Raffle: Luck of the Irish Wolfdog Horton!

Win big to help support wolfdogs in need!

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A high-content wolfdog from the yamnuska wolfdog sanctuary in cochrane, alberta
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March is a month that holds luck for the Irish, and our wolfdog Horton, who has Irish Wolfhound in him, has received luck through a second lease at life!

Horton is one of our most unique wolfdogs at the sanctuary, having both Irish Wolfhound and Wolf bred in him. His quirky looks tend to illuminate his smile even more, but Horton wasn't always the cheerful animals that you see today. Back in 2015, Horton and 4 others, were seized by Alberta SPCA from a property in which an individual was hoarding over 200 dogs, and were transferred to Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary. Having faced extreme hardships and neglect, Horton came to us an extremely fearful, malnourished and a traumatized wolfdog. Once we broke the chains that were wrapped around his neck, we started a long journey in rehabilitating him and his companions to a point where they mentally, emotionally and physically have a quality of life.

Horton went from hiding in the back of his dog house everyday, to now being an animal who comes close enough for certain staff members to pet. Slowly but surely we are teaching him that not all humans are scary and that he can trust both us, and his pack mates.

In dedication to Horton and his story, we are hosting a raffle to help raise funds for wolfdogs who find themselves in need of help and sanctuary at Yamnuska. Since June 2022 alone, we have rescued 10 wolfdogs in need of placement in a forever home here at our facility. While most do not come from neglect situations like Horton, we do see some coming from similar cases.

With your help and the purchase of raffle tickets, we can help provide these animals a second chance at life that is fulfilling and free of fear! Below is how you can get involved!

Dates: March 2nd at 11:00am to Midnight March 31st. The winner will be drawn April 2nd at noon!

Where: Tickets can be purchased both online in our store or in our gift shop. Please note that we will be unable to ship the winner their prizes and that you will be required to come pick up your winnings in person at the Sanctuary. We can also coordinate a winning drop off either in Calgary or Cochrane.

What: We have some amazing prizes that were donated by some amazing people and companies in our local Calgary, Cochrane, Canmore and Banff community! We have over 45 prizes available with a value of over $7,000. A large thank you to all our wonderful donors!

Tickets: Tickets will be sold for the following amounts:

  • 1 ticket for $5
  • 3 tickets for $10
  • 5 tickets for $15
  • 10 tickets for $25

When purchasing tickets online, we will place the tickets into the allocated basket with your contact details and will send you an email confirmation with your ticket numbers.

Basket Breakdown:

Join us on Facebook and Instagram throughout the month to see a more detailed explanation of each individual prize you will find in the winning baskets!

We appreciate your contribution to this raffle and hope to be able to continue rescuing and rehabilitating wolfdogs with your help!

AGLC Raffle Licence #634909