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New Enrichment Programs!
Yamnuska Wolfdog walking in the sanctuary enclosure in alberta canada.
January 27, 2022

New Enrichment Programs!

Make the most of your visit by joining us for various wolfdog enrichment activities throughout the day!

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A high-content wolfdog from the yamnuska wolfdog sanctuary in cochrane, alberta
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Make the Most of Your Visit!

Introducing Wolfdog Wisdom Sessions and Wild Enrichment Saturydays! We are excited to announce our new wolfdog enrichment programs that are included with your visit. Enrichment is an incredibly important aspect to the wolfdogs lives. It ensures they are happy and healthy and can practice their natural instincts.

Enrichment is provided to each of the wolfdogs on a daily basis. Some of these enrichment sessions will be available to view during your visit with our Wolfdog Wisdom Sessions and our Wild Enrichment Saturdays.
Our Wolfdog Wisdom Sessions are offered daily at 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and 3:00 pm. These sessions will give you an opportunity to get insights from our wolfdog experts on what wolfdogs are all about. Ask all your burning questions and watch the wolfdogs enjoy someinteractions with their caretakers.
Our Wild Enrichment Saturdays is a brand new offering that will also be included with your visit. These sessions will happen on the first Saturday of the month at 1 pm! This is a unique opportunity to see the wolfdogs enjoying some more novel types of enrichment that they don't experience on a daily basis. A full schedule of what each Wild Enrichment Saturday will look like can be found below.