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Independent adoption: Nyla *Adoption Pending
Yamnuska Wolfdog walking in the sanctuary enclosure in alberta canada.
December 30, 2022

Independent adoption: Nyla *Adoption Pending

4-year-old, low-content, spayed female

Hi! My name is Nyla, I am a shy girl looking for my forever family!

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A high-content wolfdog from the yamnuska wolfdog sanctuary in cochrane, alberta
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Nyla is about four years old - spayed at age 3.  She is playful, relaxed and extremely tolerant of "people activities" - good in the car, good on leash and loves to sleep on the queen bed.

Nyla prefers to be with her pack mates and will follow them anywhere. She is house-trained (although if you leave food on the floor she will mark it) and minimally destructive (I've lost a few pairs of slippers but never anything serious). She loves to play with stuffed animals or anything she can fling around and convince the other dogs to play.  She travels well and we have spent many weekends camping in the mountains without trouble.  She prefers to dig a den versus sleeping in a tent though.

Nyla is very weary of strangers and in particular men. We used to walk her on a leash in the dog park but she clearly preferred less busy locations.  After two years, I can walk Nyla off leash with the other dogs around our property and she will stay insight and follow the pack (I wouldn't let her off leash at a dog park though likely due to the people - but on private property, she will stay in range once she is comfortable with her people). At this stage after 2 years, she is comfortable with my husband but still prefers me and I am the primary"caregiver". I do all the feeding, walks etc.

Care and environment

For a Wolfdog, Nyla is very accommodating and easy to work with but she strongly prefers to keep her distance from people (I e., No cuddling).  She's never shown any aggression towards me or my husband - good at the vet for example - but she will definitely chase anything small and is likely to catch it.  She is tolerant - our German Shepard male can be a bit of a bully and she appears to be very patient with her mate.  

Unfortunately, due to some escalating same-sex aggression towards our other female, they are separated and Nyla spends much of her time outside I prefer not to keep her locked up in the yard. We think Nyla would be a great addition to another household where there are no other females - as otherwise, she is very sweet.

Requirements for Nyla

  • Has knowledge and experience with wolfdogs or northern breeds
  • Someone willing to take the time needed to bond with Nyla as she is quite shy 
  • Has some land with escape-proof fencing (min 6ft)
  • Able to read and understand canine body language and is comfortable dealing with fear issues using only positive reinforcement 
  • Has a male dog or would be willing to get Nyla a male companion to help with her confidence.
  • Really believes and treats their animals like family