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Independent adoption: Faolan
Yamnuska Wolfdog walking in the sanctuary enclosure in alberta canada.
January 1, 2021

Independent adoption: Faolan

4-year-old, low-content, neutered male

Hi! My name is Faolan, I’m a people loving 4-year-old neutered male low content wolfdog (embarked at 37%).

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A high-content wolfdog from the yamnuska wolfdog sanctuary in cochrane, alberta
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First thing you should know about me is I LOVE my people, so much so that I find it difficult to be apart from you. I need someone who works from home or is there the majority of the day as I can only be by myself for a few hours but over time with another doggy companion I might be happier to be apart from you longer.  

I really enjoy meeting people and other dogs when out on my walks and very much appreciate it if they do so in a calm manner as sometimes I can get a bit overwhelmed. When walking around the neighborhood my favorite thing to do is to meet everybody I see to get pets and give kisses.

I’m not sure why, but a lot of male dogs don’t like me so I can sometimes become a little defensive around them but boy do I love the ladies! A lot of people call me the ladies’ man.  

Care and environment

As a typical northern breed/wolfdog I am a very good digger! So to keep me safe I need a proper fenced enclosure with dig guards otherwise my adventurous side will come out. Lots of enrichment goodies to keep my mind occupied would be greatly appreciated otherwise I can also become quite the destructive guy.  I also grew up with a kitty but need constant supervision around them just in case.

I’m also a very big boy, about 110lbs and would love somewhere with a lot of space for me to play and run around. I enjoy being inside as well as outdoors (although I really don’t like the rain). Due to my size I cannot be around small kids and I can be quite mouthy to get attention.  

Requirements for Faolan

I’m hoping my perfect home is out there who can dedicate the specialized care and attention I require;

  • Someone who works from home or is around most of the day 
  • Has knowledge and experience with wolfdogs or northern breeds 
  • Has some land with escape-proof fencing (min 6ft with dig-guards) 
  • Able to read and understand canine body language and is comfortable dealing with reactivity issues using only positive reinforcement 
  • Has a female dog or would be willing to get hima female companion to help with his separation anxiety 
  • Really believes and treats their animals like family