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From Alone to Home Fundraising Campaign
Yamnuska Wolfdog walking in the sanctuary enclosure in alberta canada.
February 15, 2021

From Alone to Home Fundraising Campaign

Wolfdog rescue campaign

This campaign was created in response to providing our new 13 rescued animals with a safe and permanent space to call home.

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A high-content wolfdog from the yamnuska wolfdog sanctuary in cochrane, alberta
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Back in October 2020, we underwent our largest wolfdog rescue mission to date. During this rescue mission, we were able to save 10 wolfdogs and 3 sled dogs that were at risk of euthanasia. Nukka, Eska, Juneau, Arrluk, Meeka, Laika, Summit, Atka, Sitka and Merlin have joined the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary family as 10 new resident pack members.

Sona, Polar and Angel are the 3 sled dogs rescued. Polar has been adopted and Angel will also have a chance to find her forever home through Garcia Rescue. Sona is staying here at the Sanctuary while she recovers from unexpected medical complications.

The From Alone to Home: Wolfdog Rescue Campaign

The campaign was created as a response to provide these 13 animals with a safe and permanent space to call home. This campaign aimed to raise the funds needed to cover the initial veterinary care of all animals rescued as well as build 3 new enclosures for our 10 newest pack members. The total funds needed to build these enclosures and cover the initial veterinary expenses is $160,000. These funds will need to be raised by Spring 2021 to ensure we can start construction of all 3 enclosures as soon as the weather permits.

Since the conception of the campaign, your online and in-person donations have made a tremendous impact! Total funds raised to date: $82,500.00

Here is what your donations have allowed us to do thus far:

  • Veterinary Costs: 100% Funded
  • Rescue Costs: 100% Funded
  • Enclosure 1: 100% Funded
  • Enclosure 2: 44% Funded
  • Enclosure 3: 0% Funded
  • Overall Costs: 51% Funded

Why $160,000?

You may be wondering why the cost to build a wolfdog enclosure at the Sanctuary is so expensive. Well, constructing safe and enriching enclosures is an essential aspect of our wolfdog care. As a rescue, our wolfdogs come to us from all sorts of situations. Some of which come to us from spaces where they were unable to do natural things such as jump or run freely or feel the grass on their paws. These are not the standards we want our resident pack members to experience.

The safety, comfort and happiness of our wolfdogs are a top priority and we take great pride in providing them with the best possible spaces to call home. As a result, all of our permanent residents have at least 0.5 to 2 acres of natural terrain to run, explore and play in. As well, we ensure that all of our enclosures have naturally shaded areas and safe spaces where the wolfdogs can go to express their natural instinctive behaviours.

Due to the nature of wolfdogs, it is essential that we ensure all of our enclosures are ‘wolf-proof’. This means that all of our enclosures must be secure and equipped to handle natural wolfdog tendencies, such as having a natural knack for being escape artists. Thus, each of our enclosures contains 8-foot fences, 2-foot overhangs, minimum 2-foot dig guards, electric wiring at 5 and 7 feet, double-gated locked entries as well as numerous shelter and enrichment structures to keep our wolfdogs safe, happy and enriched.

The cost of building one of our enclosures can be very significant due to the specialized nature of our spaces and the need for professional services. It is for these reasons that the overall cost to build a single enclosure at the Sanctuary can cost upwards of $50,000. To build proper spaces for our newest rescues, we are required to build 3 new enclosures. Furthermore, to ensure the utmost health of our newest pack members, the initial veterinary costs and rescue costs have also been factored into the total costs of the From Alone to Home: Wolfdog Rescue Campaign.

Donations made to the From Alone to Home: Wolfdog Rescue Campaign will be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000 by Sakura's Hope Foundation!

Check out our From alone to home video here!