The Lucky 7
Rescue Campaign

We need your help!

Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary has recently undertaken a mission to rescue 7 animals from a situation in Northern Alberta where they were in desperate need of immediate placement. Their owner fell on hard times and unfortunately was no longer able to provide them with the daily care they required. When we were made aware of this dire situation, Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary jumped into action and answered their call for help and the need for a proper and safe space for these wolfdogs to call home.

The Details

With this unexpected new intake of wolfdogs, we are needing to raise immediate funds in order to help cover the costs of rescuing, providing veterinary care, and the construction of 2 new wolfdog enclosures to ensure we are able to give these new wolfdogs the happy, healthy, and spacious forever homes these animals deserve.

Our Lucky 7 Rescue Campaign aims to raise $90,000 to cover the costs of the permanent placement of these 7 animals here at the Sanctuary. This includes the necessary veterinary costs of all animals and the critical need to build 2 new enclosures for our 7 new resident wolfdogs.

Now is an essential time for Yamnuska WolfdogSanctuary.  We are seeking donations, at whatever level you can afford, to help us give these animals a second chance. If you choose to share our cause with your friends, family, and networks instead, any support will make a direct and lasting impact on our newest permanent pack members: Iiqooa, Takao, Sylen, Kiore, Naqqui, Kweeuu & Tuvac.

The Lucky 7 Rescue

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The Rescue