The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

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The Hounds
Yamnuska Wolfdog walking in the sanctuary enclosure in alberta canada.

The Hounds

Resident Gentle Giants

We are a pack of Irish Wolfhounds that live here at the Sanctuary. We can be intimidating because of our size, but are big gentle giants that like to meander throughout the Sanctuary at our own will following our human mom. Our oldest (and biggest) brother is Finn who is our ring leader. He is the man that rules the place and therefore will do what he likes, when he likes, and at the pace he likes. The good looking blonde is Wim, who can be a bit more shy and unsure so sometimes he feels the need to woof, but don’t worry, he will keep his distance from you. If you ignore him, he might even come give you a sniff. Then our youngest and our most exceptionally unique brother is Arwyn, the three legged wonder-dog! He lost his leg when he was a baby but that doesn’t stop him from joining in on our daily wanderings around the Sanctuary. So if you see us around, just remember that we live here and are allowed to spend our time around the wolfdogs. We are usually doing various important tasks like exploring and sniffing, so please just let us do our thing. We aren’t a big fan of being Instagram models, so please don’t ask us for a selfie!

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