The Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

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Yamnuska Wolfdog walking in the sanctuary enclosure in alberta canada.


Tour Guide/Animal Care Attendant

Arilyn's unique knack to facilitate a multitude of animal interactions has been prevalent since childhood. Her first interaction with a wild lone wolf was just at the age of four, leading to a lifelong curiosity about the magnificent ancestors of the domestic dog. Her journey in animal care began when she started facilitating experiences for what was her own family's wolfdog. Arilyn explored many ways to ensure the low content wolfdog's optimal comfort in a family home circumstance. With a previous inclination towards understanding wolves and wildlife interactions, Arilyn was able to successfully and passionately demonstrate to the rest of her family; the differences between what a wolfdog's living requirements are versus a domestic dog's. Being able to distinguish between a variety of behaviours helped her realize how misunderstood wolfdogs can be and sparked even more passion for awareness. Arilyn grew up on the city outskirts where she witnessed both wild and domestic animals detecting one another which helped her empathize that it's important to care for both equally. That passion for animals led Arilyn to work in a variety of different canine facilities across Alberta. Working with a variety of dog breeds, Arilyn has been able to develop creative solutions for dealing with mischievous breeds that also make up the common genetics of a wolfdog. As soon as Arilyn learned about the Sanctuary, she was very eager to put her foot in the door for an opening position, as her passion for wolfdogs has carried on strongly.

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